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package01Diva Abdul-Mansour established Booth Entertainment in 2014. Photo booths have become one of the hottest crazes in event planning. It’s not only a great way to entertain guests; it’s a great way to capture moments of joy. What sets Booth Entertainment apart from other photo booth companies is that Booth Entertainment offers more services in one place. Customers can take advantage of Flip-book, video, and green screen services.

So What are Flip-Books?

Remember those drawing books as a kid where you flip the pages really fast and it turns into an animation? With Booth Entertainment, instead of flipping through a cartoon you’re flipping through a video of yourself. They’re great for kids and fun to look at when reminiscing.

More than Just Photos?

Nowadays photo booths have become more versatile with the added addition of being able to shoot video. Why just have photos when you can give a message through video?

Going the Extra Mile:

Booth Entertainment utilizes green screen technology to place you in any scene. Whether you want a simple white background or the edge of a volcano, you will be able to make your photos more memorable with the added feature of a green screen.

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